Sunday, July 28, 2013

On Healthy Eating.

     I'm a vegetarian. I'll go ahead and get this little gem out of the way. It's been a very recent change in my diet. It's only been a few weeks since I've eaten meat, but already I've enjoyed some of the numerous health benefits of going veg! Now when most of my friends or acquaintances find out I've become a vegetarian it's always the same reaction: *eye roll* well at least you're not a vegan. Excuse me? Even people I barely know have the audacity to say this to me! (I most said that because I love the word audacity!) In my head, my reaction is: *eye roll* well at least I've already lost weight and feel so much more healthy now. But of course I'm much too nice to say this out loud :) Now I'm not here to preach about how everyone hates vegetarians and we all need to gather together and hold hands and weave daisies into our hair and smoke peyote together. Just no. All I have to say on the matter is if I don't care that you eat meat, why should you care that I don't?
     But why not share a few of the wonderful things I've experienced since starting this new hippie lifestyle? :) First of all, I've lose weight! Without even trying! Honestly, need I say more??? After doing my research, I've found so many delicious vegetarian recipes I didn't even know existed! I'm totally into hippie super foods like kale, quinoa, and chia seeds (no joke, I eat the seeds that come in the pack from the infomercials "ch-ch-ch-chia!). I live for spinach and berry smoothies! And one last benefit (and yes, I am aware that you will all roll your eyes and sigh when you read this, and that's ok with me) I feel better morally and ethically! Don't get me wrong, I'm not a PETA freak, but not eating dead animals makes me feel just a little bit better about myself! After a long discussion on this subject with my mom I think she put this feeling into words better than I could: There was nothing casual about dying to this animal (she was eating a burger as she said this), infact, it probably would have preferred living. So I don't see why I should take eating it so casually. You should have to be really hungry and actually need the food to take life away from something.
     Well said mother, well said.
     Since everyone does vegetarianism a little differently I guess I'll clarify my definition for y'all. I don't eat any meat, I do eat dairy products in moderation, and eggs very rarely. As far as non food products go, I don't own any leather or fur anyways, so that wasn't really much of a change, not really my style anyways. I do work at a restaurant, so I'm preparing and cooking meat all day long, which has probably been the hardest part of this transition. It's so easy for me to get really good meat for really cheap, which I used to do all the time, but now I have to resist! Honestly, the hardest part has been while I am cooking an entire flat top of bacon at once. Let's face it. Bacon is delicious. If I go back to eating meat, it will be the first meat that I have. But I will resist!
     Now that I have bored you with my non stop jabber about being a vegetarian I'll go ahead and give you some stuff to read that I didn't write!
     One of my FAVORITE super foods: quinoa. It's a tiny grain that you cook in water until it gets fluffy. Cooking quinoa is one of my all time favorite smells, it's warm and nutty and delicious. Here is a great article containing the health benefits, cooking tips, history, and all that jazz on quinoa.
    Another superfood that I'm in love with is the wonderful chia seed! I know, it's bizarre and weird. But it's just so healthy you can't ignore it! Health benefits of chia seeds and benefits plus a good recipe can be found in those links!

     I hope you enjoyed this post! Any questions can be sent to my email or placed in a comment below! Thanks for reading and come back soon for more!

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