Wednesday, July 31, 2013

On Bucket Lists.

     I think a bucket list is one of the best inventions ever! Not only does it guarantee lots of adventures throughout your life time, you can look back on it and reflect on the adventures you've already had! My only problem has been making a bucket list that lasts more than a few weeks. I might feel really inspired and jot down 10 to 15 things on a scrap of paper and claim it's my new bucket list, but I have no idea what to do with that piece of paper, so I end up losing it and then I'm left bucket-list-less.
     Well the past few days I decided to end that cycle! I spent hours looking for old bucket lists in wallets, old notebooks, journals, etc, and compiled everything onto my computer. That's one of the beauties of modern technology, I can save all the papers and lists I want into one little hard drive!
     Side note: fun fact about Lindsey. I'm obsessed with lists. I love them to death. I make a list for everything. Shopping lists, bucket lists, lists of other lists I need to make, to do lists, to don't lists, and every other kind of list you can think of.
     So anyways... I've come up with my bucket list so far. It surprised me how many things I could think of that I want to do.   

 Run a marathon
   Pet a zebra
   Shake the prophet’s hand
    Get married in the temple
    Visit Africa on a service trip
    Move to Europe solo for 6 months with just a back pack
    Foster parent dogs
    Kiss a complete stranger
    Ride a hot air balloon
   Play hide and seek in IKEA
    Take a train ride that lasts over 24 hours
    Have a pen pal I’ve never met
   Own a nice camera
   Drive a corvette
   Attend a real masquerade
   Go a week without any electronics
   Meet Lady Gaga
   Climb to the base of Everest
   Donate blood
   Donate hair to locks of love
   Live by the beach
   Learn to drive manual
   Play messy twister
   Visit Antarctica
   Walk on the great wall of China
   Play a part in a movie or TV show
   Take a yoga/meditation retreat in India
   Run the Color Run
   Run the Warrior Run
   Serve a full time mission
   See a Broadway show in NY
   Visit all 50 US states
   Go shooting, try different kinds of guns
   Attend the Olympics
   Go to drive in movie on a date
   Visit the walk of fame
   Watch the running of the bulls in Spain
   Snorkel in Hawaii (Done, February, 2013)
   Go apple picking
   Get a real henna tattoo
   Go to the top of the Eiffel tower (Done, June, 2005)
   Go bridge jumping
   Hold a tarantula
   Hold a giant python
   Ride an elephant
   Take a trapeze class
   Go to a soccer game in full body paint
   Do a cart wheel
   Shop at the Mall of America (Done, most of my childhood I grew up in MN)
   Go to a music festival dressed as a dirty hippie
   Spend Halloween in Salem
   Go para-sailing
   Buy something at the Tiffany store
   Have a picnic by a river and feed the ducks
   Visit the Globe Theatre (Done, June 2005)
   See the Mona Lisa (Done, June, 2005)
   Write on the Bucket List wall in New Orleans
   Participate in a big food fight
   Fly on any European airline
   Have temple-work road trip in Utah
   Buy (and wear) a claddagh ring
   Own a pair of louboutins
   Get a picture with every princess at Disneyworld/land
   Swim with a wild shark (Done, Feb, 2013)
   Go one month eating only fruits and veggies
   Be in the audience for the Ellen show
   Go to Carlos bakery and have a cannoli
   Do a Chinese fire drill

          So there you have my bucket list so far! I'm sure I'll add to it throughout my life, as well as check things off! My advice to anyone making their own bucket list: dream big! Don't be afraid to write down something you think might never happen, because if you want it enough and it's worth it, you'll make it happen. Also, put a variety of big and little adventures on your list. As you can see my adventures range from going to Africa to doing something as simple as a cartwheel (which I've still never done!). That way you can always be progressing on your list. You don't have to wait until you can take 6 months off of work or school to back pack around Europe, you can say to your friends "hey, messy twister is on my bucket list, come over tonight!" 

         So enjoy your bucket list experience, dream big, and follow through! If you've already done something really awesome, put it down on your bucket list and check it off! It will remind you of the adventure and how it might have been a once in a lifetime chance!

         Thanks for reading! Come back soon for more awesomeness!

         PS: for anyone who watches the Bachelorette.... I just watched the first part of the finale on Hulu. I'm really glad Brooks left, I didn't like him at all. Team Drew right now, even though Chris seems like a sweetheart as well! Sorry, had to get that off my chest!!

          Don't be afraid to email me any questions at or comment below!

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