About Me!!!

My name is Lindsey Sparhawk, I live in beautiful Idaho, and I'm a mormon!

Fun facts about me: I am a returned missionary, I served in the Arizona Mesa Mission from September 25th, 2013 to April 7th, 2015. I love to sing! Jazz, classical, broadway... pretty much anything. I love to exercise! I love to run and lift weights! I'm incredibly nosy. It's one of my bigger faults. You can never give me a half a story, especially if I'm not supposed to know the whole story because I will go crazy until you tell me the whole story. If that made any sense... Anyway. Despite being so nosy, I'm an incredible secret-keeper. No joke. I'm a little bit of a hippie. I love hippie headbands. I'm in love with the boho style and the way of life (except the drugs. Drugs are for pugs.). My favorite smell is cooking quinoa. I want to be a sports medic when I grow up. Sports injuries fascinate me and I love learning about why they happen and how to treat them. I would love to work for a pro or college football team! My favorite flowers are purple orchids and I'm determined to have them at my wedding.

Well, I guess that's quite enough about me! Please check out my posts, they can be silly, serious, funny, and everything in between!

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