Sunday, September 22, 2013

Here I GO!!!

Well, my time as a pre-missionary is coming to a close. I gave my farewell talks today and they went very well! I spoke on a talk by Elaine S Dalton, the former General Young Women's President. Her talk was titled Be Not Moved, it was such an amazing talk! I urge you all to go read it (the link on her name will take you to it!). I was blessed to be able to give my talk twice actually! I gave it in my home ward along with a boy who is leaving on the same day as me. We then sang Come Thou Fount with our siblings. It all went really well and I did so well at not crying until I was done singing! I then gave another version of the same talk in my singles ward, it was also good! Except that I cried, because my very best friend was in the congregation watching!

But Anyways...

Just 23 hours until I am set apart as a missionary! It's all so overwhelming because I don't feel prepared at all, yet the list of things I actually need to get done isn't all that big.

Well.... I guess packing is kind of a big thing

I should probably get to that

But anyways, this blog will be run by my wonderful mother from now! I'll be emailing her so she can post all of my adventures here!

I would love to hear from anyone and everyone! Please shoot me an email or even a letter! My addresses can be found under the "Send Me Some Love!!" tab at the top of this blog!

God bless

I'll see you all on the flip side

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