Wednesday, August 21, 2013

An 18 Month Packing List?!?

My life for a whole year and a half is limited to fitting into two suitcases and a shoulder bag! I guess I can only speak for myself, but I feel like many girls my age could probably fit half their wardrobe into that, not taking into account toiletries, accessories, books, etc... And yet, here I am, compiling a packing list that is to last me a whole of 18 months. This is my first draft of a packing list, please feel free to tell me if I forgot anything or have something here that I won't need! Keep in mind, I'm going to Arizona, so I don't feel the need to pack any really heavy winter clothes. Hopefully this will be helpful to other sisters out there!

Arizona Here I Come!
·        Clothes
o   Missionary clothes
§  Skirts
§  Blouses
§  Dresses
§  Jacket
§  Cardigans
§  Tank tops
o   P Day Clothes
§  T shirts
§  Jeans
o   Exercise Clothes
§  Shirts
§  Pants
o   PJs
§  PJ pants
§  PJ shirts
o   Shoes
§  Flats
§  Flipflops
§  Sneakers
o   Unders
§  Garments
§  Underwear for exercise
§  Bras
§  Sports bras
§  Spandex Shorts for Biking
§  Slips
o   Accessories
§  Belts
§  Necklaces
§  Bracelets
§  Earrings
·        Toiletries
o   Teeth
§  Toothbrush
§  Toothpaste
§  Floss
o   Hair
§  Shamp/Condit
§  Hair brush
§  Bobby Pins
§  Hair Ties
§  Hair spray
§  Curling Iron/Straightener?
§  Blow Dryer
o   Make Up
§  Foundation
§  Eyeliner
§  Mascara
§  Eye Shadow
§  Lip balm
§  Lip Gloss
§  Brushes
o   Skin
§  Lotion
§  Face Wash
§  Sun Screen
o   Body
§  Deoderant
§  Towel
§  Hand Towel
§  Wash Cloth
§  Biotin
§  Mini ibuprofen/Tylenol
§  Insect Repellant
§  Kleenex
§  Razor
§  Shaving Cream
§  Soap
§  Body Wash
§  Q-Tips
o   Feminine
§  Tampons
§  Pads
o   Nails
§  Clippers
§  Polish
§  Mani Set
·        Misc
o   Gospel books
§  Scriptures
§  PMG
§  True to the Faith
o   Clothes Hangers
o   Journal
o   Pens/pencils/highlighter
o   Notebooks
o   Shoulder Bag
o   Camera and Charger
o   Bedding
o   Alarm Clock
o   Laundry Bag
o   Small Flashlight
o   Batteries
o   Stationary (stamps, paper, envelopes)
o   Ipod and Speakers?
·        Documents
o   ID
o   Debit Card
o   Driving Record
o   Temple Recommend
o   Family history Chart
o   Insurance Card
o   Immunization Record
o   Copy Of Mission Call

o   Address Book

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